Travel & Nature Writer, Brazil & beyond, 2010-

Over the years, I’ve worked as a travel writer, both for Google and Insight Guides, as well as for my ecotourism projects in Portugal and Brazil.

In addition to this, I’ve enjoyed writing as a personal interest, focusing on nature and adventure. On this page are a few examples of my work through a blog, community magazine and social media. Please click on the links in bold to go directly to those pages.

In 2010, I wrote Twenty Two South, a year-long travel blog and photo collection focused on nature and adventure in Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana and the Caribbean. It traced a return to my childhood roots in Rio de Janeiro, along with journeys to wild places in the region. The blog was partly funded by ecotourism companies that I discovered as I travelled.

Between 2015 and 2017, I wrote monthly articles for The Umbrella, a community magazine in Rio de Janeiro. Entitled the Great Outdoors, my pieces focused on themes related to nature in and around the city. Wildlife, travel, adventure, art, sport and food all came into play!

Active on social media, over the years I’ve looked after several pages. Some of these have been for companies and organisations I helped. Others have been my own. My current page on Instagram is a photographic and written account of nature in Brazil. It covers trips I’ve made within this vast country as well as my ecotourism stay in the Atlantic Rainforest near Rio de Janeiro.

I’m currently writing a book about my time in the Brazilian great outdoors, due for completion in 2023.


A blog. A journey in the great outdoors.

Exploring & Rewilding the Iberian Highlands

Between 2007 and 2009, I was working at a winery in Aragon, a vast, rugged, sparsely populated region of northeast Spain. During my lunch break, I would head up to the mountain hermitage that overlooked the vineyards. Sitting on a rock in the sunshine, among wild herbs and gnarled oak trees, I’d eat my sandwich…

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