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Focused on the environment, I work with conservation, sustainability, nature-based businesses and freelance writing. I have a degree from Oxford University’s School of Geography and the Environment, an MBA and further studies in sustainability.

I’ve worked in Africa, Europe and Brazil. I’m currently based in the Atlantic Rainforest near Rio de Janeiro.




A timeline of my work

Geography & Environment, BA/MA, Oxford University (1992-95)

Nature conservation in Ecuador: environmental research intern, rainforests of Cotacachi-Cayapas National Park, Ecuador (1995)

Nature conservation in Africa: environmental research coordinator, marine parks of Tanzania & Mozambique (1996-97)

African wildlife safaris & nature conservation: safari guide & camp manager, Zambia & Kenya (1997-8)

African wildlife safaris: sales & marketing manager for a London-based tour operator (1998-01)

Nature tours in Europe: walking guide in rural areas of Portugal, Spain & France (2001)

Wine company in Portugal: sales & marketing director, Douro, Portugal (2002-05)

MBA: a full-time course with a focus on social entrepreneurship & sustainability in business, Spain (2006)

Wine company in Spain: sales & marketing director, setting environmental initiatives, Spain (2007-10)

Rural tourism in Portugal: founder & owner of an online travel platform, Portugal (2011-14)

Travel writer for Google (Travel, Maps, Earth) including many nature-focused destinations (2014-20)

Travel writer for Insight Guides: co-author of Explore Rio de Janeiro, 2015

Travel & nature writer: focused on Brazil, via personal blog, social media, community magazine (2010, 2017-)

Nature conservation & ecotourism in Brazil: Três Picos State Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2020-)

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a few examples of my work

Travel writer for Google (2014-20)
MBA with a sustainability focus (2006)
Nature-focused social media (2008-)


A blog. A journey in the great outdoors.

Exploring & Rewilding the Iberian Highlands

Between 2007 and 2009, I was working at a winery in Aragon, a vast, rugged, sparsely populated region of northeast Spain. During my lunch break, I would head up to the mountain hermitage that overlooked the vineyards. Sitting on a rock in the sunshine, among wild herbs and gnarled oak trees, I’d eat my sandwich…

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