My personal interest in nature spanned childhood days in Brazil to university studies at Oxford and subsequent work with environmental conservation in Africa. So, when the step came in my mid-twenties to move into the private sector, I was instinctively drawn to nature-based businesses committed to sustainability.

Ecotourism has been a mainstay of my professional life since 1997. Following a start in marine biological research projects in Tanzania and Mozambique, I jumped at the chance of working with African wildlife safaris. Later on, in SW Europe, I focused on nature tours and rural tourism. More recently, I’ve been running my own ecotourism project in Brazil. In all these years, whether in Africa, Europe or Brazil, I’ve seen dozens of variations on the interconnectedness between ecotourism, nature conservation and local communities. These nature-based businesses really are a very good example of sustainability in the private sector.

Wine companies also have a strong connection to the natural world, and, along with sales and marketing, I enjoyed working on environmental projects during my time in Portugal and Spain. It was in these same years that I did an MBA, learning about sustainability through case studies and choosing electives related to corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

Over the years, nature and travel writing has been one of my key interests. Whether for my own publications or paid assignments, it’s been a pleasure to share information about wildlife, ecosystems, conservation, nature-based businesses and sustainability.

Constantly reading and researching, I closely follow what’s happening in the world of nature-based businesses, environment and sustainability. And, to add to my previous studies in this field, in 2022 I began to study through online courses. The United Nation’s educational initiative in sustainability is called the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Through its SDG Academy, my first course is entitled Nature-based Solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience.

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