Over the years, I’ve been lucky to have worked on a range of interesting ecotourism projects.

Shortly after graduating from university in 1995, I spent five years in the world of African wildlife safaris and nature conservation. To begin with, I gained experience in safari camps in Zambia and Kenya. Then, I joined a specialist safari operator in London.

Following this, I led small-group nature tours in less-trodden areas of Portugal, Spain and France.

In 2011, I launched an online bookings platform focused on rural tourism in Portugal.

Starting in 2020, I’ve been running an ecotourism and nature conservation project in the Atlantic Rainforest of Três Picos State Park, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

During these years, my writing work has also focused on nature, the great outdoors and ecotourism. This has included six years as a travel writer for Google and Insight Guides, as well as my personal projects in the form of blogs, social media and community magazines.

Writing about nature & ecotourism: adventure blog, social media & community magazine, 2010-
Writing about nature-focused travel destinations for Google & Insight Guides, 2014-20
A personal ecotourism & nature conservation project in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest, 2020-

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